Make Yourself A Priority

Pause Workshops For Corporate Groups & Individuals

Imagine leaving the strain of a trying day behind you as you join a Pause Before workshop or remember some of the tips you learnt.

The best way to ‘pause’ is to schedule in time for yourself so you know that you are making yourself a priority rather than a “to do” at the bottom of your list.


When did you last take a pause?

So often on the hamster wheel of life, we become overwhelmed or burnt out. We forget to pause and reconnect with ourselves, and our environment. In our Pause Workshop You’ll learn tips on how to slowly introduce healthy pauses into your life so you can be happier, healthier, more productive and focused.


Just breathe! Take a deep breath!

Have you ever paid intentionally close attention to your breathing and noticed the different ways you breathe?

Your breath is the quickest and easiest route to changing our energy, emotions and health. In our Breathe Workshop, you’ll learn how to tap into this inner resource to bring you into balance and leave you feeling calm, clearer and relaxed.

I like to move it, move it

We are spending more time than ever before sitting down, due to the advancements of technology and the internet. Many scientific studies show leading that a sedentary lifestyle is contributing to many 21st century conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions.

We know that movement is good for our bodies and minds but still we often struggle to fit it into our busy schedules. Learn how to enjoy movement and make it part of your day so you look and feel healthier and fabulous.

Do you find your mind won’t settle down, particularly when you come to sleep at night?

Do you wake up in the early hours of the morning worrying about something you forgot to do?

We now live and work in a world where we are connected 24/7 and only pause when we lose signal.

Ahh – Learn how to put yourself into “sleep” mode and re-energise your mind, body and soul so that you can do the things you want to do, stay healthy and sleep better.

Do you find yourself on autopilot going through life as though it were Groundhog Day?

By bringing attention to our daily activities we learn to live in the present moment, creating "Alpha" brain waves for those "Aha" moments. As the famous Zen saying goes “You should meditate for 20 minutes each day, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour".

You’ll learn how to improve your productivity, increase your self-awareness, reduce stress and feel more connected with the world and people around you - all by being in the present moment.

Do you find yourself Lacking the Energy needed to get through the day, counting the days down until the Weekend?

Resist fatigue and the 4 pm “energy slump”, where you reach for a coffee, a bar of chocolate or a can of Coke from the vending machine. Hopefully not all three….

In todays switched on fast moving world we can never have too much energy to keep up.  You’ll learn how to become aware of your energy levels and practical tips on how to nurture them to feel revitalised and avoid “burn out”.

Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety and increase your confidence?

Often nerves get the better of us before an important presentation or sales pitch, or when dealing with a difficult colleague or family member or applying for a promotion?

Learn how to access confidence through posture, breathing and yoga power poses based on the leading work of leading Harvard Professor, Amy Cuddy. You’ll walk away from the session feeling taller, stronger and ready to face the world.


    Custom-designed corporate and individual yoga therapy sessions are available - maybe our
    Pause Team can come to your workplace or even your next corporate conference?

    Each session is between 1 - 2 hours and prices are available on application.